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In this workshop, we will be learning a few techniques to achieve the following goals:

  • Write fewer lines of code
  • Scale analyses
  • Understand how to put multiple concepts together
  • Make code predictable and readable.

Although the lessons are structured in a modular fashion, these techniques complement each other in order to help us achieve the goals above.


To fully engage with the material in this workshop, you will need:

  • An introductory knowledge of R

    • Variable assignment
    • Mathematical and Boolean operators
    • Data modes
    • Importing data
  • Some familiarity with the tidyverse dialect of R code as shown here:

    • mutate() and filter()
    • group_by() and summarise()
    • %>%
  • Familiarity with lists:

    • Understand the difference between [ and [[ when subsetting a list
    • Understand what nestedness means in a list